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After witnessing a young child’s sudden and unexpected journey into the foster care system with nothing but the shirt on their back, Nathan realized that children in need often lack basic items that we don’t always think of. Items like a spare pair of underwear.


This experience led Nathan to search for someone who shared his concern. He stumbled across a group in Texas who collected underwear and socks for children living in poverty. Nathan decided that not only could this be done, but that he could replicate it right here in Colorado Springs.


Nathan pitched his idea to his friend Margo and they hit the ground running. Before they knew it, they had a name (A Spare Pair), a Facebook page, and a goal of 750 pairs of underwear. They even received their first donation from Margo’s family. Excited, Nathan took the donation to the nearest store to buy a cartload of new underwear for children but standing there in the aisle-he found a problem.


The cost of a pack of children’s underwear averages $8 to $10 for four to six pairs. This would barely make a dent in their goal. Nathan knew he would need more individuals to partner with him to provide A Spare Pair of underwear to children in need in Colorado Springs. So he turned to CPCD to help get the word out. Today A Spare Pair is half way to their goal but they need your help! Donate below or drop a pack of new, unopened children’s underwear at 2330 Robinson St. Colorado Springs, CO 80904



Younger children are more likely to experience poverty and those same younger children are likely learning to potty train. This means a child could go through a $10 pack of underwear in one day.

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