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COVID Precautions

Hello CPCD families! 


We are so happy to have your children join us for this school year and are excited that we are able to offer in person classes despite the impact of the Delta variant.  Thank you for trusting CPCD with your child! 


I also want to thank you for supporting the masking requirement for children ages 2 and up.  As you may know, CPCD has classrooms in six school districts, most of which are in elementary schools.  Therefore, we are obligated to follow the district's masking requirements in their schools.  As of today, three of the six districts have indoor masking requirements for all children, staff and families entering the building (SD2, SD3, and SD11).  D8 has a mask mandate for all classrooms located on post at Fort Carson with no mask mandates for other D8 locations at this time. While two districts (SD20 and SD49) do not have any masking requirements and D8 off post locations for children, we encourage parents to send their children to school with a mask to help stop the spread of the variant and keep our children, families and staff as safe as we can.  Remember that children do not wear masks when they are eating, resting, or when they are outdoors on the playground. 


Additionally, since the start of the school year, we have required all CPCD staff to wear masks indoors, including in our central office. 

Why is this important?  CPCD is doing everything that we can to keep our classrooms open, not only because children will learn better in person but also so that families can depend upon us to be there when you need us.  We are already dealing with classrooms being shut down for up to 10 days because of positive Covid cases, some of which are in children who have no symptoms.  Since children can't be vaccinated yet, the next best thing is to do health checks prior to coming to class and having children and staff masked. 


There are some exemptions for children wearing masks.  Any parent who would like to explore that is encouraged to reach out to their classroom nurse.  Your child's teacher can provide the nurse's contact information.  Without an exemption, all children are required to wear masks indoors except for eating and resting, and when on the playground outdoors.   


Any parent who would like to discuss this policy further is welcome to reach out to either me or Linda Meredith, our Chief Operating Officer.  I can be reached at and Linda can be reached at  Either of us will be happy to set up a time to talk with you. 


Once again, thank you for your cooperation and for allowing CPCD to serve you and your child.   


Noreen Landis-Tyson 

CEO children a head start 

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