COVID Precautions

Your teachers and staff are very excited to see you and receive your children back in class after this long break due to COVID. We have been working to clean and disinfect, gather needed supplies and make new rules for daily operations in order to have the best classroom environment possible for all children and staff. Our procedures follow the guidelines provided to us from the El Paso County Department of Health, Licensing and the Center for Disease Control. Know that our focus is to keep everyone safe and healthy, to provide for needs such as meals and snacks, and to welcome your child into a fabulous learning environment each and every day.  Here are some of the important items that we want you to be aware of:

  • Please do not come to the school or bring your child to school if either of you are sick. Call in to your teacher instead.

  • All staff and children will have their temperature taken and symptoms checked and documented daily before entering the classroom. If staff or children have a temperature of 100.4 or more they may not attend class that day. They also may not attend if they have a cough, shortness of breath, sore throat or have had close contact with someone who has COVID-19 or symptoms. These rules will be followed at all times.

  • If a child or staff member develops any of these symptoms during the day, they will be isolated from others and be sent home immediately. They may return once there is no fever or other symptoms for 72 hours or possibly up to 14 days if exposure to COVID-19 has been determined.

  • Staff will be wearing masks (face coverings) during class and it is recommended that children 3 and over wear masks (face coverings) as well. Please provide either a fabric or paper mask for your child each day as they are more likely to use one from home that they are used to. We will have them available in every classroom if needed.

  • Parents or the person who brings your child in to the building each day must wear a mask while in the building as well. This is a licensing rule and is not negotiable.

  • Parents will not be able to enter any classroom at this time.We will have drop off in the hallway outside of the classroom and staggered drop off times. Your teacher will give you instructions for that. There will be marks in the hall to keep each family distanced apart.

  • As mentioned, a staff member will ask you about any symptoms your child might have and check their temperature with a no touch thermometer.

  • A staff member will also sign your child in and out to avoid many hands on the iPad.

  • Be sure that the teacher has your best phone number or contact info each day in case your child gets sick. (This is extremely important at all times!)

  • Once in the classroom a few things will look different.

    • Staff will do their best to space children around the room in activities through the day.

    • Meals will no longer be served family style-each child will eat at his own space in the classroom.

    • Tooth brushing will not be done at school for now so please do an extra brush at home.

    • We will be removing soft toys and items that would need washing daily.

  • Please do not send anything extra to school with your child at this time. The latest info is that the virus does not live long on surfaces, but it’s not certain.

  • We will be limiting people in the classrooms to staff and children only.

  • Remember that hand washing and wiping down frequently touched surfaces is the best prevention for COVID-19. We will be practicing hand washing and sanitizing surfaces throughout the day.

  • Please contact your teacher or nurse with any questions or needs.