Welcome to CPCD

The steps to enroll are listed below.  Please follow each step to ensure that your family likely qualifies for one of our programs.  This will allow us to process your application more quickly.  There are many possibilities for each district in our program.  If at any time you are unsure about qualifying, please call our Enrollment Department to talk through your family's situation.

My child is under 3:

My child is between 3-5:


How old is your child?

For children under 3 we can only serve children living at or below the poverty guidelines or children who have a learning delay or identified special need.  If you do not meet one of these two requirements, please click here for other resources for children under age 3.  If you do meet the requirements, please skip to Step 3.

For children 3-5 we serve children living at or below 200% of the poverty guidelines.  We also encourage any family above those guidelines who have a child with a suspected or identified special need to enroll.  If your family or child falls into one of these two categories, please continue to Step 2.  If not, click here for additional resources.  


For children 3-5, what school district do you live in?

District 2:

We serve all children in D2, including special needs.

District 3:

We serve children in D3, but are not able to serve children with special needs.

District 20:

We serve children in D20, including those with special needs. 

District 49:

We serve children in D49, including special needs, but we prioritize children from Falcon and Evans home schools.

Note: We only serve families in El Paso County and certain school districts.  Please click here to locate your home school and district.

District 8:

We serve children in D8 both on and off

Ft. Carson, but we do not serve children with special needs.

District 11:

We serve children only in home schools: Carver, Grant, Twain, Monroe, Queen Palmer and Wilson, including special needs.  

If your family or child does not fall within the requirements of your district, please click the appropriate link below to be redirected to your district's preschool program:

District 3               District 8               District 11               District 20               District 49


I think I qualify. 

What is next?

Fill out our online application.

Please note:

For parents enrolling for children under 3, our waitlists are quite long.  We know this can be very frustrating, particularly for families who need care in order to go to work.  If this is the case for your family, please click here for a number of other resources to explore while on our waiting lists.  


I've completed the online application, now what?

When you complete your online application, you will be redirected to a page with further instructions; you will also receive an email to this affect (if you don't receive it, please check your spam box.)  Your application is not complete with just the online portion.  If you have further questions or are confused by next steps, please call our offices at 719-635-1536.