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The Positive Impact of Investing in Early Childhood Education 

James Heckman, The Heckman Equation -

National Head Start Association -

Partnership for America's Economic Success -

Mission: Readiness Military Leaders for Kids -

Zero to Three -

Annie E. Casey Foundation -

National Association for the Education of Young Children -

Recommended Reading

Parents' Guide to Brain Development and its Importance for Kindergarten Readiness, The Urban Child Institute

Growing Readers!: Putting Your Family Calendar to Work (en Espanol)

Starting School at a Disadvantage: The School Readiness of Poor Children, Brookings Institute

2011 Quality of Life Indicators for the Pikes Peak Region, Pikes Peak United Way

The Science of Early Childhood Development, Center on the Developing Child - Harvard

Hearing Bilingual: How Babies Sort out Language, New York Times

Hearing and Vision Screenings, CPCD

Head Start's Positive Impact on Homeless Families, Institute for Children, Poverty & Homelessness

Where We Stand on Learning to Read and Write, NAEYC and IRA

Double Jeopardy: How Third Grade Reading Scores and Poverty Influence High School Graduation, Annie E. Casey Foundation

Early Warning! Why Reading by the Third Grade Matters, Annie E. Casey Foundation

Zero to Three Policy Brief