Thank you friends and family of the Hollidays and Ackermans for contributing to Adopt-A-Family. 

Ariel & Family

Monica, Luis & Family

Ariel is a single mom to Jocelyn (4), Ezra (8), and Brian (11), who has been unable to pursue employment due to a medical disability. The family’s monthly income is limited to food and medical benefits. Ariel works hard to budget their income, but still faces difficulties meeting the family’s basic needs, including food and clothing. Ariel is working with her family advocate to get connected with various community supports. Ariel would like to ultimately pursue her GED so she can give her family a better life. Ariel and her children are staying with a family friend due to economic hardship. Ariel hopes to find a home for her family one day and is working with her family advocate to explore local housing assistance programs. Ariel, Jocelyn, Ezra, and Brian are incredibly grateful for any assistance during this holiday season.

Monica & Luis are the loving parents to Matias (4) & Julio (7), including their puppies that the boys take everywhere. 2020 has been a real challenge for Monica & Luis due the pandemic. Luis Sr. has had little to no work and that has set their bills and rent behind. Luis has spent all of his savings in past-due rent fees in order for the family not to be evicted. Monica has been able to obtain a part-time job to help the family get back on track and try to release some of that stress on Luis. Although they are struggling, they have faith that they will be able to balance out their financial set backs. Monica and Luis are very grateful for this opportunity for any assistance throughout these holidays. children a head start prepares young children for success in school and in life.
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