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The steps to enroll are listed below.  Please follow each step and review qualifying information.  This will allow us to process your application more quickly.  If at any time you are unsure about eligibility, please call our Enrollment Department at 719-635-1536.

Prenatal Mom to Child Age 3:

My child is between 3-5:

For children under 3, CPCD’s Early Head Start programs serves prenatal moms, infants and toddlers living in low income situations, experiencing developmental concerns or having identified special needs. Due to the long wait lists of this program, families must qualify with these factors.

CPCD operates both Head Start and the Colorado Preschool Program for 3 to 5 year-olds.  With these two programs eligibility needs vary.  We encourage families at 300% of poverty and below to apply.  Family situations and development concerns will also be factors in the placement process. 


How old is your child?

CPCD operates classrooms in Harrison School District 2; Widefield School District 3; Fountain-Ft. Carson School District 8; Colorado Springs School District 11 (IF in home schools Carver, Grant, Twain, Monroe, Queen Palmer and Wilson); Academy School District 20 and Falcon School District 49 (WITH priority to Falcon and Evans home schools). 


When in doubt, please call our Enrollment Department.  An Enrollment Technician can walk you through the process.


For children 3-5, where do you live?

Note: We only serve families in El Paso County and certain school districts.  Please click here to locate your home school and district.

Fill out our online application.


I think I qualify. 

What is next?

NOTE: If you receive an error that you have already filled out the application under ENROLL NOW, please click here and fill out Re-Enrollment Update Paperwork HERE.

BY CLICKING "ENROLL NOW" YOU WILL BEGIN THE ENROLLMENT PROCESS.  THIS IS OUR INITIAL SCREENING TOOL.  When you submit, you will be redirected to a page to upload your income to complete your screening. Once your enrollment is screened by a technician, you will receive an email with further instructions to complete your application from home. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam box.  If you have not heard back from us in 72 hours, please email enrollnow@cpcd.org.


Please note for children under 3: Our wait lists are quite long and we know this can be frustrating. Once your application is completed, we will call you to come in and complete your enrollment if openings are available.

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