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Chiara is a current Family Advocate, earning her Family Development Credential through CPCD's Two-Generation Program when she was a parent.  Her daughter Stella began in the Early Head Start Program at 13 months old.

Crystal is a current Family Advocate working with families attending our Hunt Center.  Many of these are our highest-risk families and many of them are dealing with homelessness.

Jasmine is a past parent and the Immediate Past President of the Parent Policy Council, the co-governing body made up of parents from the program; Policy Council and the Board of Directors co-govern the organization.

Magdalena and her husband Emerson are the parents to four very energetic kiddos under 6.  Her oldest son just started Kindergarten and her two youngest sons are currently in the program, while she waits for a spot for her youngest.  Despite many barriers to success, this family has persevered.

Patrick and Lucinda are raising six amazing children.  They have experienced job loss, homelessness, and significant family stress, particularly during the pandemic.  Patrick and Lucinda credit CPCD and their family advocate, Crystal, with helping to stabilize their family over the last few years.

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