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Staff Recruitment Toolkit

Go to CPCD's Facebook and like the page.  Feel free to share any post that is on our Facebook page.

Staff Recruitment.png

Post to Facebook.  

1. Read the directions before you click on the photo to share it.

2. Copy caption:  I love being a part of a staff at CPCD that creates a safe space for every child and their family to learn and flourish in their earliest and most important years.  We are enrolling now for preschool for children ages 0-5 and we want you to.

3. Now click the image to the left and press the share button underneath it.

4. When Facebook opens, paste the caption (you may change the caption to your voice as long as you do not deviate from the original message).

Share our flyer.

1. Right click on the flyer to the left and choose download.

2.  Print the flyer, even if you can only print in black and white.

3. Take the flyer to places you are already going:

  • church

  • restaurants

  • walmart

  • nail/hair salons

  • the laundromat

  • the front office of your apartment complex

  • children's play places

  • dollar store

  • any business that has a community board

4.  Ask if you can post a flyer or if there is a community board, pin it right up there. ​

5.  If you go to business that you think would serve our families and there is nowhere to post the flyer, email and tell Ary all about it.

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