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As of June 21st, 72% of UPK spots are full!  Now is the time to enroll your kiddo before the final round of placements begin.
What does this mean for me if I have not yet enrolled my child?
Enroll today! The final round of placements for UPK is on July 14th.
What if I already enrolled my child in the UPK website?
Logon to your UPK account and check the status of your application.
When will my match status be available on the UPK website?
Your match status will be available to accept or decline on June 29th.
If your child is not enrolled with UPK by July 14th, there will be very few immediate options available, as we will be full for the beginning of school in August.  
If you need assistance with your application for either UPK or CPCD, please call us at 719-635-1536 and we can step you through the process.  
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