All Children Deserve a Hopeful Future


Head Start was born during another era of fighting for equal justice, an era envisioned by its activists to be the end of racism, discrimination, and oppression.  Today, Head Start is rooted in the search for justice, equality, and opportunity.  CPCD classrooms welcome young children and their families to a gathering place where they can establish a solid foundation of worth and voice.  It is our unwavering belief that ALL children deserve a future filled with hope and opportunity.


CPCD employs, serves, and is part of a community of color -- people who suffer economic and social disparities based on the color of their skin. We cannot and will not keep silent about the current climate, not only in our country, but our very own community. We will not ignore the impact of structural racism that OUR families, OUR staff and OUR volunteers continue to experience. We see what is happening, and CPCD has and continues to stand in solidarity with our community; our black community, our brown community and all who are impacted by violence and injustice…..We stand together!


Matthew Melmed, the Executive Director of Zero to Three, stated, “Together, let us reflect on the root causes of this national tragedy and use it to strengthen our collective effort to bend the arc of the moral universe towards justice.  Let’s make this a better world for babies.”


Our hearts are open as an organization, as employees, as volunteers and as families standing together, unified by compassion and understanding of the world we are trying to little mind at a time.





Noreen Landis-Tyson

President and CEO

CPCD…giving children a head start


Note:  The basis of this statement was authored by Dr. Shana Lachowicz and Shaynelle Almonte, employees of CPCD and included thoughts from the National Head Start Association; the sentiments are expressed on behalf of the agency as a whole. children a head start prepares young children for success in school and in life.
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